Scary Pizza

Humor reduces stress and tension in the classroom, improves retention of information, and promotes creative understanding.

Teaching in humour go hand-in-hand. Humour is a way of not only showing intelligence but a deep understanding of a subject.

I use a funny video during my training session because my lesson is on a dry subject and this helps break it up.

Watch the Video called Scary Pizza.

I also make sure to bring in coffee and donuts.. feed them…


Positive Outlook on Life will bring you great joy!

Five ways to motivate the unmotivated:
  1. Reject the notion that motivation is something you do to others.
  2. Give power don’t take it. Power enables control. …
  3. Put more in if you want more out. Train, develop, and release. …
  4. Tap their interests. …
  5. Connect don’t disconnect.