3260- Life Long Learning as a Professional

Life Long Learning as a Professional

The most valuable asset you will have is in your mind and what you put in to it. To me there is no end to education. Your whole life is learning from the moment you are born to the moment you die is a process of learning. It’s important to recognize that knowledge comes from learning and experience comes from living.

“Anyone who stops learning is old whether at 80 or 20”. _Henry Ford

What does lifelong learning mean? Wikipedia describes it as the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated” pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Therefore, it not only enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development, but also self-sustainability, rather than competitiveness and employability. (Wikipedia)

Professional development benefits everyone as it brings fresh ideas, insights and enthusiasm. When we continue with our professional development we are able to bring that back and pass the information on to our students.

There are many different ways you can take advantage of professional development:

  • Large conferences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Round table discussions
  • Solo effort
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Magazines
  • University courses
  • College courses
  • Mentoring

When we challenge ourselves to do better we become better teachers.

Currently, I am taking part in courses and workshops. I personally do a lot of reading which includes articles and books. If I could be a permanent student I would. I love learning.






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