Last day facilitating my forum

My Summary:
This course is providing us with the experience of a variety of instructional strategies. In this particular situation I was able to manage a discussion forum on four different topics during the period of Sept 14 – Sept 24th.

Learning styles are simply different ways of learning. Most learners use a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic ways of receiving information. However, one or more of these styles is usually dominant. This dominant style defines the best way for a person to learn new information. This style may not always be the same for all tasks. Learners may prefer one style of learning for one task, and a combination of others for another task.

The concept that learning styles are a Myth really through me for a loop because it actually made me reflect and do some critical thinking. Critical self-reflection as the YouTube video implied.

It would be good to see a standard of learning styles similar to the bloom’s taxonomy. There is just way to many options out there.

What I struggled the most in the forum was finding the time. I was so engaged throughout that I found myself logging in several times a day. I also had to find time to research what everyone was posting about. I think this was a great way to learn and support each other.

I am looking forward to concentrating on commenting on posts and not worrying about facilitating too. I could get used to this though.