Copyright Infringement

Its important to note that besides Copyright Infringement issues you might also be in violation of terms of service such as with your Internet Service Provider.

Here is the copyright guide for your information.


Source: Canadian Intellectual Office 


May I please?

How do I get permission to use someones work? Do some further reading on the guidelines FAQ as they are very informative.

Copyright Guidelines FAQ

You should know that the permission must come from the copyright owner. First you will need to identify the real owner.

The Copyright guidelines say you should get it in writing (an email is ok), and it should state exactly what you have permission to copyright, the date, and how to contact the person who gave permission.



Do I need to mark my work with the Copyright symbol?

Copyright Guide

I was doing some further research and found out that creator copyright ownership is protected for up to 50 years after the creator’s death.

So why Copyright your work?

I think its because copyright protects against unauthorized reproduction, distribution, altering of piece in any way, and performing or displaying the work publicly.

I also read that known facts, names, titles, and clauses are not protected.


Source:  Canadian Intellectual Property Office