3260 – Who I am Professionally

As a professional I am tenacious in everything I do. I strive on giving great customer service. I always meet my deadlines. I am the type of person that looks for projects to do and not wait for them to come to me. I am fully engaged in my work and enjoy working with my peers. When it comes to my training sessions I spend plenty of time ensuring my lesson plans are appropriate. I actually practice them.

Currently I believe I am fulfilling a role that has been needed for a long time. The role I am in has allowed me to grow professionally. I interpret privacy legislation and ensure that the staff at my organization understand it well enough to be in compliance. If the staff understand the do’s and don’ts it prevents problems from arising.  Good privacy is good business whatever the business is. So an internal privacy adviser, who is familiar with the business as well as with privacy law, can add value to the organization. I can see myself being fully engaged in e_learning opportunities for our organization. We currently have 4500 employees and with the baby boomers retiring we have a continuous intake of new staff needing training. Therefore, I feel that we will never have a lack of students.

I have been thinking about how I can enhance my e_learning opportunities and know that I will need  to take some professional courses in e_learning platforms. I will need to stay apprised of changing technology within my field of expertise as its constantly changing. This can be done by attending the annual conferences in Victoria, volunteer on Committees, and continue with networking to ensure success in my field. Once I graduate from the PIDP program I will need to update my resume.


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