3260 – Accreditation


Accreditation is a status which shows the public that a school has met and is maintaining a high level of standards set by an accrediting agency. Program Accreditation is a critical element to help support and give legitimacy to a school or program. This is especially important for international students or higher education institutions with students who want an internationally recognized qualification after their studies are completed.

I found this article on a Veterinary school that lost their accreditation. What a surprise to read how a school losing their accreditation can affect a graduated student. Losing their academic standing can have serious effects on the school and the student.

Veterinary School loses accreditation.

“As it stands now, students at Canadian veterinary schools are licensed to practice when they graduate. But if they were to graduate from a school that has lost its accreditation, they would have to tack on another year of study at an accredited college or take a written exam with a hands-on practicum for which there is a long waiting list.” _Canadian Veterinary Journal.

In this particular issue was raised because improvements were needed to the facilities.

As the article mentioned “ongoing failure to put money into the buildings, labs and hospitals that make up the veterinary colleges means that it could take up to half a billion dollars from a mix of sources to ensure Canada’s veterinary schools maintain their accreditation in the future.”

I currently work for government and my field of expertise is governed by legislation and does not need to be accredited. I can see how important it is to choose the right college or university to ensure you don’t end up being affected by accreditation issues as a graduating student.

I further read that there are some flags students can keep an eye out for to identify if a college is unaccredited:

  • There is evidence of numerous student complaints about educational quality
  • The name of the school is similar to a well known college or university
  • Credits are awarded for very little work
  • Students are not eligible for federal financial aid

Remember, doing a little research up front can save you time and trouble in the future.

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