3260- About Me

Hello my name is Maria Sophia, I am the Records and Privacy Manager for the City of Surrey, and most recently an Independent Owner, Travel Advisor for Leading Edge Travel BC. I am responsible for managing people and processes related to a broad range of information management services. This includes electronic records, digitization, shared drives and administrative work relating to the centralized corporate records information management system including classification, retention, retrieval and disposal of municipal records in accordance with the Community Charter and the Local Government Act. As a key member of the management team, core areas of responsibility include:
• Providing strategic direction and leadership including effective staff management and team building;
• Project management for the various information management initiatives;
• Assessing, review and enhancement of internal records processes and workflows;
• Privacy Impact Assessments;
• Privacy Breaches;
• Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy;
• Privacy Staff training;
• Representative on cross government Committees and Advisory groups; and
• Implementation of CASL best practices; and
• Management of Mail Room and Records Centre.

My main focus for training is in relation to Privacy training for local public bodies.


I am taking the 3260 Professional Practice as this is my last course of the Provincial Instructors Program (PIDP) before I endeavour to complete my Capstone Project. I am also taking this course because it teaches the concepts of effective instruction, as well as ethics, and professionalism and management. I am hoping this will allow me to define a vision for an effective instruction and design.




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