Don’t be afraid to be funny

Once you get to know your students it will be easier to kid around with them.

Remember a few things:

  • Keep students engaged
  • Show students that your a person too
  • Help create a community in the classroom
  • Lighten the mood when things feel to hard
  • Joke
  • Laugh at your own mistakes

*Teacher: You copied from Fred’s exam paper didn’t you ?
Pupil: How did you know ?
Teacher: Fred’s paper says “I don’t know” and you have put “Me, neither”!




One thought on “Don’t be afraid to be funny

  1. This is a very interesting topic, Maria.
    On the one hand, we know that learners engage better when their emotions are involved.
    On the other hand, students need to know that their learning is not a joke.
    On the other hand (as Tevye says repeatedly in “Fiddler on the Roof”) I work in many different cultures and my jokes sometimes don’t translate well, and I end up confusing students.
    I believe that those teachers who are naturally stern should try a bit more humour, and those who are naturally light-hearted should consider taking this job more seriously!
    Keith 🙂

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