Finding Education Resources

I would imagine with the way everything has gone so far when we enter into this new technology we will somehow find a way to learn and teach it to our students. I showed my son the video and he thought it was better than sliced bread.

What I notice about this new generation is that they are open to change. My son is more than willing to try new technology anytime anywhere.

I found this site that is for teachers “Finding Education Resources

Although older teachers may not be as technologically savvy as their students, they can teach students how to research, instead of search. Millennials are used to using a Google-style search box, yielding thousands of results that may or may not be reliable. According to Educause, an organization dedicated to promoting the use of technology in higher education, “The Net Generation may be simultaneously ahead of and behind earlier generations,” when it comes to acquiring knowledge.

For effective teaching and learning to take place, teachers and learners need to work from a shared set of principles.


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