The term “hybrid course” (a term we use interchangeably with the term “blended learning”) names a model of course design that combines traditional, face-to-face class time with online and out-of-class course work.

There are a number of factors, which make hybrid learning attractive:

  • More opportunities to interact with course materials and resources, leading to greater engagement and enhanced opportunities for success
  • Higher-quality peer interaction
  • Greater flexibility in course scheduling, a boon to high percentage of working and commuting students
  • Increased skills in self-directed learning leading to greater learner autonomy
  • Skills in communicating effectively in multiple modes
  • Increased technical skills

Students may wish to take hybrid classes if they:

  1. Often work during traditional face-to-face class hours
  2. Have family committments that require them to be at home more
  3. Wish to experience an online class, but don’t want to lose the face-to-face aspect of a course
  4. Feel more comfortable participating (asking questions, giving responses) in an online setting



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