The ultimate role storming!!!!

Today I dragged my husband and 14 year old child grocery shopping. I was actually hunting for the perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner next weekend.

Picture this, we are stuck in Saturday traffic and everyone and there dog is out driving.

I get this great idea. I start the conversation with my 14 year old son about what I have learned so far on role storming. How intrigued I am on the topic.

My husband new to the scene is all confused and wants to understand it better.

The best way I know how to explain it is to practice it. So I told them the rules:

Husband:: you are a homeless man collecting buggies from customers for the quarters

Son:: you are the store manager

What conversation would you have with each other.

Away they went..I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt. I was so intrigued to see how engaged my 14 year old was in this.

He liked it so much that he wants to practice this with his friends now.

So cool to see this in action.

Loving my 3250 PIDP course!!!


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